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Do you have a little one that needs dental care? At Reavley Dental, we are happy to work with your child to help them feel comfortable at our dental offices. We may explain procedures to them, but we watch our wording and make sure that we do not frighten them. It is important that your child’s teeth are properly cared for during their development to ensure that there are no issues that could compromise your child’s future dental health.

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We don’t just provide cleaning services to children, we provide dental education tools to them, helping them understand why taking care of their teeth properly is important. We also monitor tooth growth closely to ensure that your child’s teeth are forming successfully. We help you establish preventative measures, like advice on thumb sucking and how you can make brushing and flossing fun! We also make sure to track tooth and jaw growth closely to ensure that we are providing all possible intervention measures regarding conditions. Catching these issues early increases the likelihood of successful treatment. Schedule an appointment with us today to ensure that you are providing your child with the paramount dental care.

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Reavley Dental provides a wide array of services and procedures for our patients. Maybe your teenager needs braces, maybe your mother needs dentures, and maybe your eight-year old’s teeth seem a bit crooked. Rest assured, our experienced team is ready to handle your family’s dental needs, from simple cleanings to complex procedures. View our full list of services.