Examinations at

Reavley Dental

Dental examinations allow the Reavley team to thoroughly assess your dental health, detect warning signs, and treat any oral health issues. We offer the following examinations at our dental office. If you have any questions about these examinations, contact us today

Comprehensive Exams

Your first visit to Reavley Dental starts with a comprehensive examination. This examination allows us to take a look at your overall dental health and make assessments about the care and treatments your teeth need. Your dentist will evaluate your dental x-rays, and speak with you about your medical history. Your dentist will then examine your mouth, teeth and gums thoroughly to check for irregularities. Your dentist will then speak with you about your treatment options. If you are confused or unsure of your treatment options, please let us know. Do not hesitate to contact us. We are always here to assist you and make you feel supported and comfortable.

Periodic Examinations

Periodic Examinations often go hand in hand with bi-annual dental cleanings. At Reavley, we utilize diagnostic x-rays to identify any tumors, cysts or irregularities in the teeth and jaw. We carefully examine teeth for decay, and we thoroughly access existing dental work to identify any issues that need to be addressed. We evaluate your gum health to see if we notice any signs of gum disease, and we also provide oral cancer screening.

If we find a dental health issue, we will discuss it with you to determine what treatment options are best.

Dental Exams

Examinations for children differ a bit from examinations for adults. We will evaluate your child’s teeth and assess the quality of their overall oral health. X-rays may be used to see how your child’s teeth are forming. We may also perform a dental cleaning during this examination, and apply fluoride to prevent tooth decay.

At Reavley Dental, we always make sure that children feel comfortable, safe, and informed throughout the process. For children who are especially anxious about their visit, we are happy to invite parents to accompany their children in the operatory during the procedure. We provide caring and comfortable pediatric dental services, to help reduce anxiety and make kids feel good about going to the dentist!

Emergency Exams

If you are experiencing severe discomfort and you need to be seen immediately, you will receive an emergency dental examination to identify the issue. We may take x-rays if it is necessary to fully assess the problem. This examination allows your dentist to provide treatment as rapidly as possible.

Consultation Visits At

Reavley Dental

If you have questions about your dental treatment options, we would love for you to schedule a preliminary visit with our team at Reavley Dental. During this preliminary visit, your questions will be answered, and we will explain the dental services that we offer. Contact us today to schedule a consultation visit today.