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Orthodontia Overview

Orthodontics is the treatment of misaligned teeth and jaw irregularity through the application of fixed braces or removable dental appliances. Although braces are most often associated with teenagers, braces and other appliances can also be used to restructure the teeth of adults and children. Contact us today if you have any questions about orthodontics or the services and solutions we offer.

Orthodontic Appliances

For Teenagers

If your teenager needs orthodontic work, the Reavley team has a solution for them! Traditional braces are ceramic/resin dental bases attached to teeth, with wire extending from base to base. The staff at Reavley Dental will adjust the braces to help align teeth. In some cases, headgear may be used instead of or in conjunction with braces.

Once the teeth have been corrected, the braces will be removed! Retainers will help ensure that newly aligned teeth stay in place. Retainers must be worn regularly to keep that smile looking great!

If your teen is looking for a “no-braces” look, we offer Clear Correct and Six Months Smile systems. We will discuss all options with your teen and pick the option that works best for their dental needs.

Orthodontic Appliances

For Children

If you are noticing an issue with your child’s teeth, it is important to come in and see us. By seeking treatment early, you can prevent overcrowding and additional dental issues that may become more significant as your child ages. In some cases, we recommend traditional “fixed” braces that bind directly to the teeth. These braces are normally made of ceramic/resin, but we can utilize a clear synthetic material if your child is worried about the appearance of braces. Your child will have to return regularly to have their braces adjusted.  After the braces come off, a retainer is used to keep the newly aligned teeth in place.

Orthodontic Appliances

For Adults

We have several treatment solutions for adult patients, with fixed and removable orthodontic options. If you need fixed braces, we offer porcelain/resin brackets, or you can choose clear synthetic brackets for a more subtle appearance. If you want that “no braces” look and your dental issues aren’t too severe, our Clear Correct and Six Months Smile systems are great options.

Consultation Visits At

Reavley Dental

If you have questions about your dental treatment options, we would love for you to schedule a preliminary visit with our team at Reavley Dental. During this preliminary visit, your questions will be answered, and we will explain the dental services that we offer. Contact us today to schedule a consultation visit today.